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Vanessa Vasquez

Editor in Chief - Associated Press

Vanessa is an expert in digital technologies and includes over twenty years of management in sales, writing, and marketing. She is a serial entrepreneur and has guided many start-ups, leaders, and CEOs into turning their ideas into realities. Vanessa served as a director of publishing, advertising, and sales for technology companies serving Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC-local media, Hearst, Gannett, and McGraw-Hill. She has worked with Fortune 500 clients including Universal Pictures, Wells Fargo Bank and The Los Angeles Times thru the Omnicom Group. She has a Masters of Science from the University of San Diego in Environmental, Sustainability and Health with a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Pepperdine. She has successfully built start-ups from the UK to venture capital buyouts in environmental compliance. She continues to work in sustainability, ESG, carbon trading, and environmental compliance. Her expertise is in bringing unique software companies from Europe to the USA marketplace. She consults with many US based companies as well. When she is not working, Vanessa loves making vegetarian lasagna served with Sangria, writing books (she has a 3-book fictional series coming out in 2024 thru GreenBook Publishing), playing nine-hole golf, and doing fifty-mile bike rides through Spain.

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Pavithra Ravindran

Editor in Chief - Associated Press

Pavithra is a versatile and accomplished writer with a rich tapestry of experiences in content creation. Specializing in diverse subjects, she navigates seamlessly through the realms of “Women in Business,” “Finance,” “Sustainability and Environment,” and “Health & Wellness.” Her prolific writing has transcended 30+ industries, reflecting a rare ability to distill complex topics into engaging narratives. Pavithra’s passion lies in making the intricacies of technology and business accessible to a broad audience. With an impressive track record in content writing projects, she continues to impart knowledge through her insightful and empowering storytelling.

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Marlissa Collier

Senior Staff Reporter/Writer - Associated Press - Live Broadcast Report

Marlissa is an internationally recognized political, business and culture writer and commentator. She cut her teeth as a corporate writer at AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas, where she would ultimately become the Chief of Staff and lead speechwriter for several C-suite and senior executives. Now a freelance writer and commentator, her work educates and drives deep understanding through content that is relevant, humorous, and occasionally brash. She is 1/2 of The Green Route, a late-night political commentary show, and a regular contributor to NewsUSA, Dallas Weekly, Dallas Free Press, and Medium. Her work centers on sharing diverse stories that raise awareness.

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Matthew Du

Senior Staff Writer - Associated Press - Local News, Business and Finance

A content marketer and entrepreneur, Matthew has covered the news for various media outlets for over five years and shares his thoughts on business, productivity, and the markets. With a rich background in digital marketing, he significantly increases site traffic for clients. As a seasoned news contributor for over five years, he shares insightful perspectives on business, productivity, and the markets, adding a unique dimension to his multifaceted professional journey.

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Beni Grace Ancheta

Staff Writer - Live Broadcast News Reporter

Grace is a college graduate with a Diploma in Electronics Technology. She has over a decade of experience in customer service and training editorial writing teams. She is multi-passionate; from writing compelling and informative content that hits home to crafting attention-grabbing designs, and working on mind-boggling spreadsheets to public speaking. Grace is a key in-house writer, reporter, and on-air talent. When she is not working on local news briefs here in the United States, she is taking care of four wonderful boys, watching HGTV and Tiny House videos, cooking, and gardening. She also loves going to the market, shopping at hardware stores, and looking for gems at thrift shops.

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Olúwadámisí Salem

Staff Writer - Sustainability, ESG and Environmental News - International News

Olúwadámisí SALEM is a writer with an eye for technology and sustainability. With a background in law, he is an avid researcher who analyzes regulations, policies, and new developments as they impact the environment and quality of life. In his spare time, he's either thinking about a new tech idea, writing stories, or hosting creative minds. He is one of our foreign correspondent leads and keeps us up-to-date on all global ESG and Sustainable regulations around the globe. He is one of our key in-house writers.

Michael Rann

Creative/Producers/Writers - Senior Editor in Chief - Entertainment News - Films and TV Production

Michael is a Senior Executive within our organization. He is the fix it - go to person. He reports on industry news and entertainment. He is a proven track record executive with growing existing brands, new market launches, and bringing digital new products globally and services across diverse industries including international. He is an award winning writer who has worked on TV shows from NBC, Hanna Barbera and USA Networks. When you get to know Michael, you will do nothing but laugh, he is one of the best here with us.

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Cwennen Corral

Staff Writer - Entertainment News - Films, Film Festivals and TV - Live Broadcast News

Cwennen is the Head of Operations and manages content for the TV and Film division. She also handles sustainability writing for the beauty and cosmetic industries. She does live reporting with original film makers and TV producers in the industry. Reporting live on film events, film festivals, and industry trade shows both in the USA and Europe. When she is not reporting, she is producing films and tv shows, as well as, acting in many independent films.

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Nayzeth Carrillo

Staff Reporter - Live Broadcast News

Nayzeth manages and reports on Live Broadcast News in the USA and Hispanic USA divisions. She has worked for many top quality Hispanic Networks such as Asteca, Univision, Telemundo and Channel 22. She is a top on-air reporter and writer in news and information, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment. She is multilingual and speaks three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. She is also mother to three young daughters. She loves to travel and is an expert in health and wellness foods with a degree in nutrition.

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Enessa Ossa

Staff - NewsUSA TV - TV and Film Director - Key Cinematographer

Enessa Ossa is our in-house Videographer & Post-Production Freelancer with our NewsTV News Briefs. She is based out of Las Vegas, but travels around the globe for us. She is passionate about filmmaking and post-production. Like all the greats, she is self-taught and first started video editing on a YouTube channel that gained over 3,000+ subscribers. She also works through EnessaEdits and absolutely loves what she does. She is a solid professional on the road and in-person working with many talented clients. She is one of our growing Associated Press - Camera Crew Senior Cinematographer's. We always know our clients are in good hands when we work with Enessa.

David Osterhuber Jr.

Senior Staff Reporter - In the Field - Live TV Crew - NewsUSA TV

David has been involved in the creative world since he could pick up a pencil. David is obsessed with stories, and growing up in the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas entertainment industry he has learned a lot. After graduating from art school as a jazz musician, he spent a lot of time teaching. Until, he was asked to make music for a short film. From that day, he has been obsessed with learning all he could in the world of video production, movies and TV shows. He is a key Staff Reporter for NewsUSA TV, and an editor, camera op, audio engineer, on camera personality, videographer. When we are out in the field, he does it all. We look forward to his growth with us here at NewsUSA TV both for TV and in-house film production.

Hayley Brooks

Staff Reporter - Live Broadcast News - NewsUSA TV

Hailey Brooks, an EMMY award winning producer and anchor with a passion for storytelling and a love for sports and entertainment. She is the one Covering everything happening in Vegas from NASCAR, Business News, to Nightlife. An experienced host and emcee with a knack for finding the funny. She is one of our in-house Live Broadcast Reporter’s out of our Las Vegas division. She covers Business News for NewsUSA TV from NAB to Consumer Electronics Show.

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